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What is Home Health Care?
Home Health Care is health services provided in the privacy of the home to assist patients and caregivers with the skills necessary to manage conditions due to a current illness, injury or surgery.
HealthBack Home Health is a team of dedicated, caring professionals, who are committed to help you to recover. Our goal is to promote well-being and assist patients and caregivers to regain independence. We want you and your family to be able to return to your normal lifestyle. This is accomplished by individualized, patient-centered Plan of Care created with you and your family under the supervision and guidance of your physician. Your health care team will smooth the transition from hospital to home, help you learn to manage your illness, and assist you to maintain your highest level of ability and health.
Who is Eligible?
To qualify for home health benefits, you must be under the care of a physician.
Your physician must certify that:
  • You need medical care at home 
  • You need skilled care from nursing or physical, occupational, or speech therapy 
  • You are Homebound 
  • A face to face visit is performed with you within 90 days prior to starting home care or within 30 days after you start home care service. 
What is Homebound?
Most insurance companies require homebound status.  Homebound means that because of an illness or injury, it is very difficult for you to leave home except for infrequent, short periods of time. This may mean that you need someone else to assist you to leave home or you need the use of crutches, cane, wheelchair or walker. You may also be considered homebound if your doctor determines that leaving home is medically contraindicated (ill advised). (For example: after surgery) You can leave as often as you need for medical treatment; such as visits with your physician, dentist, etc. It is also allowed for the occasional trip to the barber/beauty salon, to attend church, or for special family events, like a wedding.
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